Nick Dean – How Did We? If One Direction Took Acid

Nick Dean has created a truly raucous sound that’s undefinable by any genre it regresses from his former Pop music glory. His new track, How Did We? Is riddled with complexity, and endless layers to get lost within. His style is completely his own. His approach to music is wonderfully lax, he keeps it as raw and minimalist as possible, yet infuses it with a mix of dub electronica that’s certainly going to make you pay attention.

His new track was created as a fond reminiscence of waking up, unable to remember anything from the night before, which, I’m sure most of the drunken revellers amongst us can relate to! As a multi-instrumentalist and a singer songwriter, he has an undeniable connection to music that he’s able to express poignantly through his unique sound. He oversees the entire production of his music to make sure it’s just as he intended.

He’s cooked up an awesome video to go alongside his new track, however he’s remaining rather cryptic about the symbolism of his video in relation to his new music. In a recent interview he teased that he’s got something big in the pipe lines.  So, make sure you stay connected with Nick for his upcoming EP release this winter!
If you’re desperate to hear more & can’t wait for his upcoming releases you can check out the remixes of, How Did We? On Spotify using the link below:

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