NewWaves Release Their Cool And Catchy ‘In The Clouds’

NewWaves, with their vibrant energy, strong melodic phrases, and a rhythmic drive which is precisely on point,  are an alternative rock band from Sweden who have a captivating presence evident in their music along with a very distinctive sound. Right after the first few seconds of listening to the song you can immediately tell this should be a radio hit and a song that everyone will be singing and dancing to in live events. As the chorus of the song hits, it is very difficult to resist moving along to the groove, and its catchy melody is something which you will definitely find yourself singing or humming after first listening to the track.

One thing that is so striking about these guys is their ability to play with rhythm and use it creatively in their work, which gives their song structure a lot of drive and stylish sense of variation. This is not the only thing which makes them sound so authentic, though. “In The Clouds,”  with its strong rhythm and melody along with a very particular vocal tone colour and use of digital effects is definitely a song which captures NewWave’s cool energy and artistic vision, making them a band which you should keep an eye out for.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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