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If pop has the ability to soften the testosterone growl and clichéd moves of rock, and the reciprocal gesture enables it to be imbued with a certain integrity and edge, then She Rex certainly fall into that pop-rock category. Some might argue that it is a sound born of compromise; I would argue that it is a sound born out of a perfect musical marriage, a complementary partnership that does some deft sonic balancing.

Televise by Swedish outfit She Rex is a fantastic delivery of a radio friendly, memorable hooks and catchy choruses but it is an outer coating which hides more poignant lyricism, one that they use to muse on some of the darker aspects of the modern world. It is the sound of a wonderfully deep rooted sense of emotion and passion wrapped in pop hooks and driving rock urges being tempered by infectious melody that you seem not to find in many contemporary artists in this field. It might seem like a simple meeting of musical worlds but rarely is it done this effortlessly.


Swedish Rap Artist Kevin Jazz Releases Solid Track “The Case”

It’s nice when music can delve into high fantasy and create world to explore. But when we face difficulties in our lives, sometimes escapism isn’t the right way. Sometimes we need to relate to each other and find common ground that helps us deal with what we’re feeling so that we may confront our situations. Such is the Case with…the Case, by Kevin Jazz. From the title alone, this song is about confronting a reality. That may not be something we enjoy doing, but music helps everyone deal with their problems in some shape or form and this song takes the honest route with this.

Kevin Jazz has a strong presence and when it comes to layering over himself, producer CorMill and mixer Tyler Nicolo know just how and when to lay down several vocal recordings at once to emphasize points and create tonal shifts that never verge on overdramatic, but remain effective. The beats are squeaky clean and the bass is booming. Rhymes are thematic and self-referential. This is a solid rap track no matter what angle you look at it from. If you find yourself wanting to feel some truths, this is the song for you. That’s simply the Case.

-Paul Weyer


NewWaves Release Their Cool And Catchy ‘In The Clouds’

NewWaves, with their vibrant energy, strong melodic phrases, and a rhythmic drive which is precisely on point,  are an alternative rock band from Sweden who have a captivating presence evident in their music along with a very distinctive sound. Right after the first few seconds of listening to the song you can immediately tell this should be a radio hit and a song that everyone will be singing and dancing to in live events. As the chorus of the song hits, it is very difficult to resist moving along to the groove, and its catchy melody is something which you will definitely find yourself singing or humming after first listening to the track.

One thing that is so striking about these guys is their ability to play with rhythm and use it creatively in their work, which gives their song structure a lot of drive and stylish sense of variation. This is not the only thing which makes them sound so authentic, though. “In The Clouds,”  with its strong rhythm and melody along with a very particular vocal tone colour and use of digital effects is definitely a song which captures NewWave’s cool energy and artistic vision, making them a band which you should keep an eye out for.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


A&R Factory Present: Nightmen

Nightmen started out in late 2014 in Malmö, Sweden. The members are previously known for being part of acts such as Terrible Feelings, Yast and MF/MB/, however Nightmen is something completely different. Combining garage rock-poses and sugary sweet power pop,

In early 2015 the debut-EP ”Girl for You” was released by Rundgång Rekords. The music magazine Gaffa wrote the following,”Charmingly, vibrant garage rock with nods to the pop music of the 60’s”.

In 2016 Nightmen released their first LP,”Fifteen Minutes of Pain”, on Lövely Records. The music blog Hymn wrote:”You can’t be tough in all situations, the softer side of things needs to come forward as well. In the case of Nightmen the punk rock converge with the hook-laden power pop. You just can’t live without melodies”.

In august of 2016 Nightmen recorded their second LP ”Can’t Avoid Success” in AGM-studios together with Joakim Lindberg. With the rural countryside as a backdrop a softer album with even more powerful pop sensibility was made. However the attitude is very much intact and the leather jackets still fit perfectly.

Ahahahah (Oh No) is the first single from Nightmen’s second album ‘Can´t Avoid Success’. Combining garage rock-poses and sugary sweet power pop, Nightmen have made a name for themselves as one of the most interesting new rock bands to come out of Sweden.


A&R Factory Present: White Limo

Following the single Queen in October 2016 comes the brand new single Fixing Replacing. The track is a big but intimate rock anthem, with a groove that oozes of epic arena rock.

White Limo has been around since 2012, and with our luxury arena rock we’ ve managed to fill the void that is in the Rock-scene today. Influences from the Foo Fighters, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age and Biffy Clyro is heard clearly in our music. The debut album “Secret Sounds” was released in 2013. The album was praised in the press and took us around Sweden. The second album “Magic Formula” was released in February 2015 and that album was praised as well.

Magic Formula goes deeper into the polished arena rock and makes it clear that they have found there sound. They also started their own podcast ”White Limo Rocks Podcast” late 2016, and it has been an exiting thing for the band.

The band consist of 4 driven guys who wants nothing more than to put you in the limo and give you the ride of a lifetime. Manager for the band is the eminent Roger Östman, who has over 20 years in the music industry.

Nisse Lindberg – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Andy Larsson – Guitar, Choir

Oliver Gonzales – Bass

William Kjellgren – Drums & Cymbals


A&R Factory Present: STEELE

In January this year Swedish artist STEELE gained widespread attention upon the release of her EP ‘OPIUM’. With acclaimed reviews from music bloggers and journalists worldwide she also managed to top the ‘Editors Choice’ list in the mars issue of Rolling Stone Magazine Mexico.

It’s with great expectations we’re announcing her new single ‘Follow’ – a song full of energy, pace and big expressions. It combines STEELE’s cinematic influences along with elements inspired by Post-rock music. It’s her most dynamic song to date, with a structure and arrangement that takes the listener up and down, high and low and eventually leads them through a musical maze that’s full of emotion and passion. As STEELE herself describes it;

“Follow is a track about my relation to music. It’s more like an ode to music really. No matter what I’m going through, music will always be there for me, with me and it’s something I’ll always hold on to”.

Teaming up with producers & songwriters Charles Elmi and Dejan Sajinovic, ‘Follow’ will lead the way for her sophomore EP which is set to be released later this year. ‘Follow’ is set to be released on June 27th through her label, Firegate Music Group.


A&R Factory Present: A Treehouse Wait

Jenny Wahlström grew up with one foot at a country farm in the south of Sweden. She had her other foot in Asia, where her parents worked for several periods of time during her childhood. That might explain why she always looks beyond her horizon and why international co-works have always been part of her artistry and musicianship. She has mainly worked as a songwriter in the EDM-stage, co-writing and performing with acts like Martin Garrix (Virus), Shermanology (Stranger) and Ferry Corsten (Many ways). As a former singer and songwriter for the electro pop band Sounds of Nonno, ”The Guardian”-reporter Michael Cragg praised Jenny and described her songs as sweet robo-pop that promised a lot for the future. Unfortunately, the band didn’t last that long and the future was uncertain.

Realizing that it wasn’t just songs that made sense to herself, but the fact that people actually listened when she started singing re-inspired her. After spending a month in the USA, being the opening act for a Swedish folksinger, singer and songwriter Jenny Wahlström plucked up the courage to put the songs down on paper and record the songs she didn’t think she’d ever share with the rest of the world. A Treehouse Wait was born.

Like others, A Treehouse Wait was not someone else’s project but her own and of course of her friends, a collection of creative people who feel the urge to speak through their music. They ’speak’ all over the world during their tours but sometimes they just put up a show in a small pub in Stockholm or at other times in someone’s living-room in the north of Sweden. The size of the band of A Treehouse Wait changes at each gig but whenever the musicians come together, the songs come to life and suddenly everything makes sense.

The songs are mostly inspired by the things one is so familiar with, but mostly would not talk about. Like empty city streets during the summer. Or when anxiety leaves. Giving up your love or the fear of leaving home. It’s not all beautiful, but it’s all life. And sharing that experience, the music suddenly creates a place for you to be, and you know that someone else has been there, too.


A&R Factory Present: Dotter

Born Johanna Maria Jansson (she adopted the name Dotter – Swedish for daughter) in the striking and artistically-friendly environment of Arvika, not far from the Swedish/Norwegian border, she started playing music “so early that I must’ve been born a musician.” Enamoured by her parents’ record collection – which featured everything from Led Zeppelin to indigenous music to Enya – Dotter experimented with home recordings and started writing piano compositions as a child.

After collaborating with producers online, she decided to head to Stockholm: not only to study music, but to also to benefit from the potential connections that can be found in a capital city. “I found a guy who wanted to record a demo with me,” she recalls. “And then we fell in love, so I’ve stayed in his studio ever since.”

That connection with producer Dino Medanhodzic also sparked a rich creative partnership as they crafted her breakthrough single ‘My Flower’, her follow-up ‘Dive’ and this summer’s new track ‘Creatures of the Sun’.

“My inspiration is always the ‘70s, but sometimes I don’t think about it so much – it just becomes something that doesn’t sound like anyone else,” she says, noting her love for using natural phenomenon as a metaphor for human emotion. “I grew up surrounded by nature and amongst mountains and I want to bring that feeling into the music. I also wanted to express the importance of protecting and caring for our planet.”

Those themes, she explains, are also prevalent in ‘Creatures of the Sun’. “It’s interesting to think about all of the coincidences that led to us being here on earth. All of my ancestors before me have led to this moment. It could’ve been totally different. Whether you’re a human or an animal or a flower, every second in life we’re important to the earth. And when we die we go back to the earth.”

Since releasing ‘My Flower’ and ‘Dive’, Dotter has focused on developing her live show, with a huge homecoming festival at Arvika’s Hamnfest a particular highlight to date. Mostly, however, she’s been working extensively on new material, both for herself and as a songwriter for other artists. ‘Creatures of the Sun’ is likely to be followed by another collaboration with Medanhodzic with ‘Evolution’ (“It’s about my own evolution as a person”).

Dotter has also been working with London-based producer Michael Angelo, whose credits include Sam Smith and Lady Leshurr. It’s a natural progression for an artist whose ambition is to reach audiences in the UK and North American, as well as at home in Sweden.

Possessing a unique approach that separates her from the pack, Dotter’s inimitable charm will be the calling card that enables her to be discovered by the wider world.


A&R Factory Present: Raindear

What if the Grimm Brothers fairy tale collection came with an indie electro vinyl to spin while you read along to Rapunzel and The Twelve Huntsmen? You’re traveling through the dark woods of human emotion—guided only by worldly instruments, ghostlike background sounds, and sugarcoated vocals by a young Swedish girl with a septum ring. RAINDEAR—AKA Rebecca Bergcrantz is both the dangling vines that block your view and your bright light at the end of the tunnel.

With influences from both the destruction that heartbreak brings, to classic romance and pop songs from bands like The Beatles, Bergcrantz, is a lot like your favorite teen movies with a dark side (The Craft, High School Hellcats, and Heathers). Fusing together sweet, trippy dance beats with themes like war, cults, and greed, RAINDEAR has something to say: there is more than one side to every story, especially when that story is centered around love.

While RAINDEAR is busy working on her debut album, the rest of the world is working on getting to know her. Featured in Scandinavian and American publications such as The Fader, Noisey, Blackbook, Culture Collide and Earmilk, as well as a feature interview on Noisey in the US, RAINDEAR is quickly popping up all over the world–thanks to her debut EP The Game, that dropped last year. 2014 also saw the release of single “Veins,” which was awesomely remixed by British producers Charlie Russell and Bradley Spence. About her track’s lyrics, Bergcrantz says, “Veins is about that kind of destructive love that you stick with ‘cause you love the rush, but you secretly know it’s bad for you. This is the addictive kind of love you can feel for a lover or for a friend or anything really and it’s of the kind that is almost warlike and comes from a very dark place.”

Besides her sound, RAINDEAR looks to art, fashion, history, and travel for inspiration in her songwriting, and also has a killer fashion sense (think stick-on diamonds arranged in cool patterns under her eyes and dripping gold jewelry that reaches from her fingertips to her arms).

Of the track, Raindear explains;

“Feathers is about decadent and dangerous love. It is about feelings of such an indifferent kind, they become overwhelming and passionate, cause they’re so fleeting so you might as well give all of yourself as you can easily lose everything the next second.  It’s about fleeting rushes of passion that switches into fear and danger and back to indifference.  It’s got kind of a trippy, reality-escaping message too. But the main point of the song is that you that you can feel light as a feather but still have a heavy bleeding heart….”


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