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Built Together: Swedish pop act Laptop Singers wonder how the dream faded on ‘Where the Hell Did Our Love Go?’ (feat. Christine Corless)

With a crisp vocal daydream that recollects when there was so much sunshine and the house was being built, Laptop Singers show us into the open curtains to the love that has sadly left their formally warm hearts on ‘Where the Hell Did Our Love Go?(feat. Christine Corless).

Laptop Singers is a Swedish-based indie-pop act that just seems to get better and better as they make that sticky sweet music that you just want to gauge heartily inside.

Originating from Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, Per and Lars Andersson have made music since their early teenage years and released music under a number of different names — among them Revolver, Combo Digital och Smile.” ~ Laptop Singers

Featuring the fantastic Nashville-based singer Christine Corless, Laptop Singers are at their best with a tranquil performance that has you in a trance of meditation. There is a calming display with tears too, that shows you how the perfect love can, unfortunately, vanish into the wind like a lost leaf with no home.

Where the Hell Did Our Love Go?(feat. Christine Corless) from the Swedish pop duo, Laptop Singers is a lost love-filled presentation that has your heart feeling so empty and wishing that your soulmate was still next to you, as you finished up the perfect cosy home you both once envisioned while holding hands intimately. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense, and you have to move on and realize that this was a lesson to teach you for your next romance.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Weather The Storm: Swedish singer-songwriter Ann Winsborn kindly shows us the right ‘Way To Go’

Written and produced by Dominic Bugatti and Gunnar Nordén, Ann Winsborn leads us into a warmer place that is far away from the cold climates of grief with ‘Way To Go‘.

Ann Winsborn is a much-loved Malmo, Sweden-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter who has been making music for almost 20 years and keeps on evolving fantastically.

Ann Winsborn is absolutely spellbinding on one of the kindest tracks you will hear in 2021. She sings with such a pure love on a sweet story all about helping out a lost soul – and features a catchy production – that will have you feeling so much calmer than before.

Way To Go‘ is such a peaceful song from an authentically kind human. She shows love for those who are misplaced and need a gentle face to help them feel much better, in a world that can freeze you to death if you aren’t too careful. Being lost is a scary feeling and with her gorgeous voice and genuine characteristics, this is a song for anyone who needs to find their inner compass again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keep Your Cool: Gothenburg-based soul artist Otson reminds us to look up and enjoy the ‘Sunshine’

With a bluesy ambience radiating through the clouds above our mindset to bring a much clearer perspective to proceedings, Otson shows us that by keeping that temperature just right you can achieve anything you set your heart to with ‘Sunshine‘.

Otson is the alias of the Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie-soul/blues musician and mightily skilled music producer Otto Nilsson.

We feel so welcomed by a really talented musician who projects his positive message to the world, which is intertwined into your thrilling consciousness. The lyrics are so well written and the melodies catch you feeling so much more positive than before – which is only a blessing in this wind-filled world – that can shake you around like a rollercoaster at any moment.

Sunshine‘ from the energetically proficient Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie-soul solo artist and music producer Otson, is that ravishing ray of fresh air that comes in after a long stormy and unfulfilling year. He sings with such a likeable style and has you thinking that anything is actually possible, despite what happened before in the past.

This is one of those truly absorbing tracks – that has your happy heart warmed by all the heat – which your healing body just needs to capture before the rains come down again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Those Peaceful Travels: Magnus Josefsson is authentically introspective on ‘Jimmy’s House’

After concluding that it was time to drop his debut album after many years of deep thoughtful planning, Magnus Josefsson used all the experience gained from previous mixtapes with his lead single that will have you jumping for joy on ‘Jimmy’s House‘.

Magnus Josefsson is a brilliant Vienna, Austria and Fröseke, Sweden-based dreamy instrumental solo artist and music producer.

There is so much to lather in splendidly here from a kind soul who is ready to get his music out to the world, as he projects wonderous soundscapes of a higher echelon than most of us mere mortals can even fathom. The musicianship is so tight you might need a cold glass of water to calm down, as there is so much to take in here. From the catchy riffs to the mind-bending soulful ambience, this is just excellent the whole way through.

Jimmy’s House‘ from the highly efficient Vienna and Fröseke-based top-notch instrumental solo artist and music producer Magnus Josefsson, is such a calming single which seems to crystalize in your psyche and take you to places you can only see in your dreams. Each second has been made with such love and ultimate affection, from an artist who takes you on a fascinating journey to a new world of love.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Said I’m Sorry: Exceptional Swedish singer Matilda wishes they would come home on the outstanding ‘Love and Lust’

Releasing a much-awaited track that was made three years ago in LA, Matilda is quite delightfully gorgeous on a striking single which will have you dancing along with the ‘Love and Lust‘.

Matilda Jonsson aka Matilda, is a Stockholm, Sweden-based, indie Pop singer-songwriter and former Berklee College of Music student who was based in Los Angeles, California.

This is such a stunning single from a sugar-tipped vocalist who seems to sing with so much beautiful freedom, as she tells us the relatable story about a romantic time that was so bright but has since faded. Disappointing things happened to end the love and there is so much regret-filled emotions, that sweeps you off your feet and takes you to a highly reflective state of mind.

Love and Lust‘ from the scintillating Swedish sensation Matilda, is such a glorious effort from a truly talented artist who feels like she has had some rather bad luck in this music industry. You feel the passionate embrace in her breath-filled lungs as he urges her former lover to come back to make things right, as the splendid beat takes you to a place you remember so intently. The difference between love and lust really is night and day, however sometimes you only realize this when its all over.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

So Much Love: Stockholm’s The Mermaids desire that all-night vibe with ‘Miami Lucid’

After the huge underground success of their sensual debut single ‘L’auntre‘, The Mermaids return stylishly with their dazzle-the-eyes new single called ‘Miami Lucid‘.

The Mermaids is a classy Stockholm, Sweden-based indie Electro-Pop duo. They marvelously mix in RnB and Hip-Hop treats for us to nourish hungrily on, to sensationally bring our whole body to be in tune with their excellently crafted vibration.

It’s dark and it’s shimmery, and it will wash you ashore right where you belong – in the warm place that exists right outside of everything in your life that doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be an accountant you know. You can be whatever you want.” ~ The Mermaids

Miami Lucid‘ from the fast-rising Stockholm, Sweden-based indie Electro-Pop act The Mermaids, is a synthwave-dream that will want you to chase that feeling that you ultimately desire. The night is still young and you have seen the apple to your eye that you want to be delicious with, as you bad-boy your way to feeling alight. Made with a party atmosphere that will seduce your thoughts to find someone actually worthwhile to be with until the sun rises – this is a fine effort from a tremendous outfit – who are on a mission for that world domination.

Stream this top new track on Spotify.

See more news via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Every Night I Come To You: Fabulously genuine French folk singer-songwriter Alba James heads to the stars on the beautifully authentic ‘Moonchild’

As she links hands with her true love and beams a smile so delightful you will never forget its undeniable elegance, Alba James lovingly looks up to see the sparkling sky above that can guide us to those special places we surely need to visit on ‘Moonchild‘.

Alba James is a France-born, Sweden-based indie folk artist with a sweet heart and an exquisite voice that will help you heal from all the worries in the world.

Here, between the endless forests and the silent snow falling, I write songs with my ukulele and my tiny heart.” ~ Alba James

With a crisply kind and dreamy fairy-like ambiance nostalgically echoing from all corners, there is so much to love here from the wonderful Alba James. She leads us onto the right path and organically tells us the story about taking a step back, to let the incredible universe show you the way. Letting those remarkable constellations take you to places you only dreamed of before, is the only way to truly find that inner peace after all.

Moonchild‘ from the Sweden-based indie folk solo singer-songwriter Alba James, is an angelic gem sent to help us heal from all the toxic air around so that we may breathe properly again. She sings with a deliciously pure blend of succulent edibles for us to nibble on gently, whilst we are taking a stroll into nature again. This is that perfectly-timed calming type of music vibration we all needed, after feeling so anxious lately from all the worlds events.

The universe can be so simple and majestically beautiful, if you just let your mind wonder.

Hear this gorgeously wrapped single on Spotify and see her peaceful life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Linn Willner reigns as pop supreme in her single, Throne.

Sweden-hailing singer-songwriter, Linn Willner, showed the world how empowering pop is done with her latest dark pop hit, Throne. With the empowering lyrics and the sharp hell-hath-no-fury vocals, Throne is just as visceral as HBO’s Game of Thrones, but it is so much more than an angsty provocative track.

Just as with the original Riot Grrrl bands in the 90s, you instantly get a sense that the inspiration came from a deep and intimate place rather than through some twee inclination to better the world, and it is all the more hard-hitting for it. If you have ever been in a place where you’ve cursed your naivety and bounced back with scathing vengeance, this song is for you regardless of usual sonic taste.

While most artists struggle to find their authentic voice in the blossoming stages of their career, Linn Willner found that expressive confidence and boldness right from the start. We can’t get enough of her emotion-driven dark pop. Once the world gets a glimpse of her untamed passion and polished sound, we’re pretty sure they won’t be able to look away either.

Check out Linn Willner on Spotify and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Salty Kisses: Swedish singer-songwriter BAELI remembers that incredible ‘Taste’ she desires forever

After singing so sweetly and with much undeniable grace on ‘Both Of Us‘ from June this year, BAELI recalls those amazing memories that she wishes there was much more of with ‘Taste‘.

Linnéa Bäcklund aka BAELI, is a stunning indie-pop singer-songwriter from Boden, who now calls the West Coast of Sweden her cozy home. She is songwriter for Moonbase Music, and is also making beautiful waves due to her return to her own music career after a three year involuntary break.

This is the story of being in the moment as your mind takes you to a time when everything slowed up like you were in a movie, as your lips couldn’t get enough of that sweet connection. BAELI has a rare ability of making you feel like you are there with her – each lyrics is so descriptively created with a sensational vocal ability – that has your heart beating so much faster than before.

Taste‘ from the superb Swedish indie-pop singer-songwriter BAELI, is that fresh new single which has you in such a wonderful daydream, as you go back in your time machine memory and recall that moment you can’t ever forget. You felt a kiss that was so good that you got a second taste, and wonder why it seems so far away now.

Sung with a real class and undisputed elegance from a truly excellent artist, this is that alluring romantic single that puts you into a happy place of reflection, that seems so far away from whatever is going on in your life right now.

Hear this new kiss-filled release on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Am Who I Wanna Be: Sublime Swedish singer-songwriter Elviise is simply sensational on ‘Lucid Dream’

After dazzling us with the beautifully classy ‘Whispers In The Night‘, Elviise took time to meditate deeply and realized that she was indeed headed in the right direction even though it felt like she was going backwards, on her exquisitely heavenly creation that is her third single called ‘Lucid Dream‘.

Elvira Johansson aka Elviise, is a highly inspiring indie pop/rock artist who is based in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. She make dreamy music that is so soothingly meaningful, as her honest message takes you to a place which is so relevant, and helps you to believe in yourself again.

The lyrics tell the story how Elviise reality felt like a dream and for a long time, she didn’t know how to wake up from it. All the lies, the people who stabbed her back, the ones that left her to fight the battle alone. The process to keep trusting yourself and that you’re doing the right thing when everyone else is leaving.” ~ Elviise

Powered by the indie label Hearts In Horizon which she started with her supportive partner Robin Nordström during the start of this dreadful pandemic, Elviise has emerged from the darkness of her youth to really take charge of her destiny. You feel the ever-increasing strength that flows through her excellent vocals, to help others out there that have also suffered with low confidence and those feelings of wanting to harm yourself. It feels like she sings for more than herself, her piercing eyes are so honest and her gorgeous vocals only seek to uplift – as she floats majestically like a Queen over all the smoggy self-doubt – and to a much happier place in our hearts.

When life brings such unreal events, experiences, injustices and you hope that someone will pinch you in the arm so you can wake up from the unreal dream. It’s only then, when you think that everything is hopeless, that you can experience the magical moment when you realize that you actually have the control to change your reality. Change mindset, change gears. Fight back.” ~ Elviise

Lucid Dream‘ from the wonderful Västerås, Sweden-born, Stockholm, Sweden-based indie pop/rock artist Elviise, is a truly remarkable single from a graceful artist who is headed towards her prime. With a calming piano-filled start which sets the scene just right, to the breathtaking build which feels like you are in a movie, this is a sumptuous effort that needs lots of love.

This is a fighting-through-the-struggles anthem that proves you can reach your goals if you try hard enough, and have the support of those who truly believe in you. Be who you want to be.

Hear this fine new single on her Spotify and see more visuals on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen