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Whenever I Need: Swedish artist Miss Daisy guides us towards the love on 4-track EP Wheel of Fortune

Sensing that first kiss and taking us into a whole new world of intrigue and romance, Miss Daisy shows us where the sunrise is on the fantastic new release made with so much care via her first 4-track EP, Wheel of Fortune.

Miss Daisy is a Sweden-based indie rock/pop singer-songwriter who has been waiting for this specific moment to unleash a previously bundled-up parcel of excellence for us to unwrap.

This debut record has been 20 years in the making. A singer/songwriter who earlier only performed small acoustic gigs had a vision while writing her songs that she would find a producer to make the proper arrangements to her songs.” ~ Miss Daisy

Stunning our senses and bringing us into a rather ear-tingling whirlpool to swim lovingly into, Miss Daisy shall take many breaths away and summons only greatness on this hugely enjoyable melody.

Starting off with the stunning More, the excellent A Little Time, the tender I Am Running and ending off with the catchy Jag Ser, we find a quality effort with soul-stirring passion.

Wheel of Fortune from Sweden-based indie rock/pop singer-songwriter Miss Daisy is such a loving EP which will brush away the tears and take many into a much better world.

Projected with passion and featuring some classy musicians to add weight to the soundscape, we find a memorable and rather marvellous experience to treasure forever no matter the weather.

Listen up more on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Born To Fail: Ghost Nation drops mental health inspired single Help Me

Known best for their unprecedented fusion of modern alternative rock, dark pop, electronic rock, rebel blues and boss beat, Ghost Nation intertwine through a Katrineholm and Stockholm moulded gem of a single called Help Me.

Ghost Nation is a Sweden-based indie pop/rock duo who are an experienced team that lathers our attention with extremely well-constructed anthems.

We are thrilled to share this new music with our fans,” says Micke Berg. “It’s a very personal and meaningful song for us and we hope it resonates with listeners and encourages them to open up about their own struggles.” ~ Ghost Nation

Soaring with much radiant honesty and so much to learn from, Ghost Nation display such bravery in this engaged song which is wrapped with real meaning. Searching for the light deep in that lonely forest, we find a supremely dark song to help unlock all the previous trauma.

Help Me from the Sweden-based indie pop/rock duo Ghost Nation is a rather terrific single all about asking for help when you need it most. Sung with sterling precision and much to be illuminated by, this is a rather lyrically aware song for anyone who needs to know that friends are there to help if needed.

When you feel like you’re sinking, it’s time to get some backup before it’s too late.

Listen up on YouTube. See more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sorry For The Pain: Sensational Swedish angelic wonder Sofia Ilektra feels like the Lucky Charm

Sung with so much delightful grace and illuminating beauty, Sofia Ilektra rockets our tired souls into a whole new world of intrigue with her mesmerizing new single called Lucky Charm.

Sofia Ilektra is an experimental Stockholm, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter, poet and creative director who is one of those rare artists who takes breaths away to be rejuvenated.

She’s often exploring introspective topics whilst blending playful, rhythmic vocals with soothing, ethereal tones.” ~ taken from Sofia’s Spotify page

Showing us how a self-enlightened essence can flip moods around with beautiful melodies, Sofia Ilektra is a tremendously luminous anthem for anyone who needs to be reminded that mindset is everything. Easing our apprehensions into calmer waters, we find a lifeguard-like song to rescue all of our concerns away with calming confidence to savour.

Lucky Charm from the enticing Stockholm, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter/poet Sofia Ilektra is a supremely stunning soundtrack to get enthusiastic about as it’s pure and sweet on the palate. This exceptionally genuine spirit has reminded us that music is there to be cherished if made with love. Just like life should be right?

Soothe your ears on Spotify. See more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tim Lukic orchestrated the soundtrack to love & loss in the grungy alt-indie single, YOU WERE HERE

‘YOU WERE HERE’ is the latest grungy lo-fi single released by the Swedish alt-indie artist Tim Lukic, which melds the ennui of Nirvana with the melodic style of Grandaddy to provide the soundtrack to the complexity of love and loss.

The rhythmically composited single, influenced by the likes of John Maus, Frank Zappa, and John Frusciante, allows bitter-sweet gratitude to transpire from the world-tilting loss of someone that provided stability in an endlessly giving relationship.

Lyrically, it’s a deeply personal cry into the void left behind, but one that is sure to hit anyone that has experienced loss will resonate with. The sense of loneliness that permeates our psyches artfully echoes in the intricately woven instrumental layers in YOU WERE HERE. It’s an evocative ride, but there’s some comfort to be found in the knowledge that you’re not alone in even the most harrowing emotions.

YOU WERE HERE is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The New Black Diamonds poured intellectual soul into their classic rock track, In Between

The New Black Diamonds poured intellectual soul into rock with their introspectively deep latest single, In Between. With 80s rock licks, the Sweden-hailing five-piece fronted by Klara Frisk pays ode to the likes of Deep Purple, Joan Jett, and Black Stone Cherry, but their overdriven sonic signature doesn’t get lost in nostalgia.

The modernist take on lyricism certainly doesn’t scratch at the surface of superficiality; it takes you on a journey of emboldening self-actualization; crank it up loud and take note.

Get stuck into The New Black Diamonds’ latest single, In Between, on Spotify and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shades On: LAKRITS feels like he is floating on air with the Hot Boy Summer

Cueing up his next theme song with his rather stylish ways, LAKRITS feels like the sun is heating his imagination up beyond what was possible before on Hot Boy Summer.

LAKRITS aka Alain Gholmi is a Stockholm, Sweden-based, Copenhagen, Denmark-born indie funk/pop solo singer-songwriter and model who is known as one of the most charismatic figures around.

LAKRITS adopts a larger-than-life personality, delivering even larger hooks that encourage listeners to have a good time no matter who tries to stop them.” ~ LAKRITS

Impressing with a fantastic new single that will have you lathering that sunblock all over your body, LAKRITS is feeling hot and wants the world to know about it. Letting the steam in is the mission here, from an artist who is only interested in having the best time imaginable.

Hot Boy Summer from Stockholm, Sweden-based indie funk/pop solo singer-songwriter/model LAKRITS is a hot new release about keeping your shine burning bright. He’s in love with this moment as the stars seem perfectly in line to where he is headed. Flying rather high and taking the rest of us with on this important mission, as we are swept into a movie-like dream of a single you’re hardly likely to forget quickly.

Listen up this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

When I look At You: DURA LUNE wants those chocolate kisses on I Fly Alone (feat. Christine Ringborg)

As the craving to hold hands only grows through time, DURA LUNE is rather magnificent on their latest single that might make you feel you can go up into the clouds with that ultimate partner on I Fly Alone (feat. Christine Ringborg).

DURA LUNE is a Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie electronic pop/disco duo who makes a beautiful blend of scintillating music wonder.

The duo consists of Mateo Raspudic and Simon Duchén who met at the university in Gothenburg. Mateo and Simon started producing in 2017 in the progressive house genre.” ~ DURA LUNE

Taking us on a journey high above from the smoke of this burning world, DURA LUNE shows their close friendship with Christine Ringborg on a sizzling song that is quite inspirational. Washed in a beat that will probably excite your veins, this is a song to turn on loud when you need to get better energy in your soul and feel that kiss of life again.

I Fly Alone (feat. Christine Ringborg) from Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie dance duo DURA LUNE is such an enthralling mixture of replenishing brilliance to snack on hungrily. With a tremendous vocal explosion that is blended together so wonderfully, this is a special song that has the production excellence you have been waiting for.

if you have the strength within, anything is possible.

Listen in on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keep On: Sensational Swedish band Ghost Nation can feel that immortal power rising on ‘Forevermore’

After their incredibly important mental health message from April 2021 called ‘Black Dogs’, Ghost Nation whistles their way into our hearts with the instant classic that has you feeling like anything is possible if you have that vital support on ‘Forevermore‘.

Ghost Nation is a Stockholm, Sweden-based alternative pop/rock duo who met by chance at a local gig and clicked instantly, which certainly shows in their electrifying music.

This time it is a conversation between the past, the present and the future. And the last words in the end of the song are chanting “We are forevermore” frantically, as if it would give the words life.” ~ Ghost Nation

Causing our speakers to boom and our souls to go vroom, Ghost Nation rocket into our lives with a simply brilliant new single that shall probably cause some unexpected heart palpitations.

Forevermore is also a song that pays homage to the guitar solo. For this song, Ghost Nation has invited guitarist Christian Lund, who together with the band explores new musical territories.” ~ Ghost Nation

Forevermore‘ from Stockholm, Sweden-based alternative pop/rock duo Ghost Nation is an action packed track that deserves to be in the next Fast & Furious movie. There is a real elevation here from their previous releases, which shows their outstanding progression to being one of the most lively bands on the planet.

Underground for now, but packed with world class quality, that will stun you like you have just seen the love of your life for the first time.

Hear this thrilling single on Spotify and see their movements further on the website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bob Dylan-interpreter Vargen drops the first single from the debut album called ‘Mindy Morning’

Mindy Morning by Vargen

With the new 6-piece band adding so much thrilling ambience to the core of his crisp creations, Vargen shows us into the story of the woman who is never alone with his take on that ‘Mindy Morning‘.

Vargen (The Wolf) is a Varberg, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter than was created by Swedish singer-songwriter Reine Johansson.

His albums of Bob Dylan translations and covers “Tänk inte efter (Don’t Think Twice) – Bob Dylan in Swedish” (2019) and “Love/Leave” (2020) were praised both by the Indie press and Dylan community.” ~ Vargen

Fusing in Americana, country, blues, rock, folk in his own polished way, Vargen returns with a splendid single that takes your mind away from current climates and shall infuse your soul with a vocal experience that is smoother than anything you’re likely to hear today.

The band is new and – obviously – the songs are new, but since I’m a sucker for 60-70’s pop culture I wanted a retro touch to the sound.” ~ Vargen

Mindy Morning‘ from Varberg, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter Vargen is one of those timeless songs that has you in such a dreamy world. He sings with so much love and affection, taking us into a world that feels so warm and kind while packed with so much quality that soaks the walls of your hypnotized eardrums.

Leading us into this terrific single that has you sensing that you have just listened to a rather fine artist, Vargen brings us something truly excellent into a world that needs so much more love and understanding.

Hear this classic sounding single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

ANNA VEE shows us vividly inside her dreams while riding that ‘Yellow Cadillac’

With a real insight into her mentality right now as she looks for the life that no one can take away from her, ANNA VEE blends in some loveable satire to keep us all guessing what her actual goals are with ‘Yellow Cadillac‘.

ANNA VEE is a Stockholm, Sweden-based, Ukranian-born indie-pop singer-songwriter who keeps things natural with a stunning array of fresh vocals and smartly written lyrics.

Together with the EP ANNA VEE is releasing The World’s First Unique Music Royalty NFT Collection where the NFT holders share 50% of the revenue generated from the EP.” ~ ANNA VEE

With her intelligent mindset, delightful singing ability, NFT foresight and a winning attitude, ANNA VEE might be one of the most promising pop musicians on the planet right now. She keeps things simple and gets our heads nodding to her superb style that might force a welcome smile after many months wrapped inside frigid frowns.

Yellow Cadillac‘ from Stockholm, Sweden-based, Ukranian-born indie-pop singer-songwriter ANNA VEE is a catchy track for anyone who wants to get away from the tribulations of this rough world. She sings with a tranquil energy that will probably get you clicking your fingers and imagining living in one of those massive mansions where celebs spend their lives hidden inside. Featuring her silky vocals that will light up your mood, this is a single to play loud when you just want to forget your stresses and see a rising artist at her best.

See this classy music video on YouTube and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen