Nej!Las Releases Electrifying Track “Sunken’

With her dynamic grooves and mesmerising dreamlike atmospheric effects, Nej!las is able to capture the imagination and take her listeners on a creative journey through sound and “Sunken” is the perfect example for this. Upon first pressing play on an electronic piece of music one would most likely expect heavy build ups and drops but on the contrary “Sunken” keeps a mellower yet steady vibe with a texture which is in constant motion and fluctuation. While creating her unique morphing sonic experience Nej!las also creatively mixes in components of techno and progressive house which give the music her unique tone.

Apart from its steady driving rhythm, deep sounds and gradual changes in instrumental arrangement and digital effects this song also features melodic vocal lines which also immediately grasped my attention as I was listening. The vocal aspect is definitely not the main element of the track but provides a better sense of dimension and context while the music indeed portrays the feeling and emotions attributed to its title. At this point this young producer shows no sign of slowing down and her creative ideas are truly interpreted through music in a convincing and competent nature.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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