BlondeStar takes care of the future of Hip Hop with his latest drop “NO HOOK”

Ominous beats set the perfect platform for BlondeStars authoritatively commanding freestyle Rap verses in his latest track “NO HOOK”.

The masterful metering in the Rap delivery in NO HOOK borders on hypnotic as you lose yourself in the unrelenting flow of the bars while the lucid electronic effects trickle away around the stylistic bass-heavy beats.

While plenty of Hip Hop artists are hiding behind excessive effects and production and effectively turning SoundCloud into a swamp of reverb, BlondeStar keeps their production Old School while throwing down contemporary fire.

If the future of Hip Hop is reflective of NO HOOK, all hope is not lost. NO HOOK may be a short and sweet production, but you’ll still get a visceral hit of high-octane energy. If NO HOOK left any more of an impression, we’d probably feel bruised.

You can check out BlondeStar’s latest drop NO HOOK for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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