JIM E. WATTS – MUSICAL THERAPY: When music is the cure

Musical Therapy is the latest project by Jim E. Watts (previously J-Dub), a 12-track album gone live on 21st June 2019.

Coming from the overloaded world of hip hop, with influences echoing in Drake, Eminem and possibly a pinch of Prince, he manages to stand out from the usual loop and beat structure, replacing the whole with mellow melodies and stories.

“My mind”, “Miss me now” and “Situationship”, are a clear sign of lyrics digging deeper. “It’s hard to stay focused when you live a life without a purpose”, he claims in ‘Blessings’. As a result, you can expect to hear about heartbreaks, relationship breakdowns and social turmoil, he seems to want to treat with music. And the therapy lays in the gentle and smooth (almost chill-out) sounds, mixing here and there some acoustic guitar with hip hop beats.

Maybe not all negatives in life are meant to become a personal disease and end up badly, maybe there’s still hope for redemption. And for Jim E. Watts, music is most definitely the cure.

Review By Jim Esposito

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