Jahi Minkah Trotter- December Nights: An emotional whirlwind of meaningful rap

Rap at it’s finest, Jahi Mankah Trotter has dropped his new single ‘‘December Nights’’. It’s hard-hitting and one that when you listen to each lyric you really feel for it, you connect with it and emphasises feelings that we’re often too scared to speak out about.

Jahi embarks on a path of writing down his feelings, adding a solid beat and portraying how he feels through his talented ways of rap, keeping it real and telling the listeners this story he has in an incredible way.

Even though at the beginning it sounds like more of a classical music tone, within a few seconds this powerful tempo takes the lead.

It’s straight to the point and the lyrical approach was something that is moving, this track has so much meaning and just from the poignant words spoken, you share this connection with the artist as he takes you on this emotional journey.

You can listen to Jahi Mankah Trotter’s December Nights on YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall

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