Morgan Vinson Releases Pop-Soul ‘Where You Belong’

If it seems that pop-soul has become the current in-vogue musical vehicle for those searching for that chart hit or heavy rotation tune, Morgan Vinson shows us that although most of her peers may be able to deliver on the pop part of the equation, few do the soul part as well as she does.

Where You Belong seems to be a straight-forward enough song, built largely on an acoustic guitar line and allowing the vocals to dominate the remaining space but it is this simple arrangement which shows neatly that gimmicks and clever studio additions will only get you so far. To really break through the background noise of the modern music marketplace you need to have more in-built qualities, an inherent soulfulness, an infectious narrative, a confident yet compelling delivery, a natural grace. Morgan Vinson has all of those things and it is that simple understatement and a less is more attitude that ironically drowns out the competition.

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