Monreau – Shadows of a Past: A Debut of Domineeringly Soaring 90’s Pop.

What I first took away from listening to up and coming South California based artist Monreau’s debut track Shadows of a Past is ‘they don’t make Pop tracks like this anymore’. After I got over feeling considerably old, I could truly appreciate Monreau’s domineeringly husky vocal ability that threw me right back to the 90’s with a reminiscence to acts such as Christina Aguilera, Caprice and Shakira. Shadows of a Past creates a timeless synergy of sound that you can really sink your teeth into combined with a vibrantly soaring beat.

You can check out Mondreau’s official video to Shadows of a Past on YouTube, her video has already received over 25k streams on YouTube alone and for good reason. Unlike other contemporary Pop acts Monreau doesn’t rely on a sickening amount of production to perfect her voice. It’s already naturally bewitching as she sings her own lyrics. In short, Monreau is an absolute God send to the Pop scene with her soulfully beguiling pop.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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