VENTRI knows that the end could be near on ‘Dread and Terror’ (prod. Pvrple Clxvd)

With an intended chaotic and dark energy that might have you feeling a bit uneasy and extra thoughtful about the world right now, VENTRI sends us a warning about the gloomy times that are approaching humankind right now with ‘Dread and Terror(prod. Pvrple Clxvd).

VENTRI is a Boston, USA-based indie psychedelic trap solo artist who propels his art to a stage that might not be ready but will be compelled to witness such a striking creation.

Soaking our mood with a single so end-of-world-like and filled with haunting vocals that might scare many, VENTRI drops one of the more intriguing releases you will probably hear in 2022 due to its content that is honest and filled with meaning.

Dread and Terror‘ (prod. Pvrple Clxvd) from Boston, USA-based indie psychedelic trap solo artist VENTRI, is a gloomy track that will undoubtedly have you feeling rather down with the state of the world right now. With so many issues plaguing us – as we look for a way out of this madness – this is the heart-piercing type of single that will have you feeling so overwhelmed and wondering why we can’t just all live in peace without greed and bad intentions.

The good must conquer evil, otherwise, we are all in trouble.

Check out this new doomsday single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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