MonkeyRat’s new single is an absolute funkpop banger

Pop and funk band MonkeyRat have released new track ‘Good Morning Reykjavik’: a brilliant pop track imbued with lashings of funk. 

It’s not hard to miss the clear George Clinton-esque good time funk on ‘Good Morning Reykjavik’ – MonkeyRat’’s new single is plucky and full of enough energy to warm up and wake a nation up, let alone Iceland capital. An infectious chorus coupled with some warm guitar sets the song up to keep you dancing from morning to night and MonkeyRat are sure to pull in even more fans with this track. 

Shining as a beautifully poppy, upbeat track, ‘Good Morning Reykjavik’ should find its way into any morning jam playlist where energy and infectious enthusiasm are on top of the menu. Check it out if you’re into some modern Parliament inspired pop funk with some sultry, meta undertones. 

You can listen to ‘Good Morning Reykjavik’ on MonkeyRat’s Spotify page here.

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