MSJB Treats Us to a Serving of Viscerally Captivating Electronica with “Who You’ve Become”

If your playlists are short of celestially magnetic electronica, MSJB’s single “Who You’ve Become – Instrumental” is the perfect track to add some wavy concordance to your playlists.

Who You’ve Become is just one of the up and coming artist’s latest album “Unlabelled”. Each of the singles breaks away from the sterile mould of electronica and hits you with visceral, undiluted energy which has little need for lyrics to make the energy behind the tracks resonate.

While MSJB’s work could never be described as ambient for the imposing and riling nature of the bass, there’s still a mellifluous polish over each of the tracks which makes them the perfect soundscapes to slip into if you’re looking for something energetic instead of brash.

You can check out Who You’ve Become along with the rest of the tracks from the album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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