Dom Robson-Tull offers poignantly bruising alchemy through their second single Cycles

When you stumble across an instrumental piece curated through concordance which leaves you feeling slightly emotively bruised, you know you’ve just discovered an aural gem.

Which is exactly what we found with Dom Robson-Tull’s second single “Cycles”. The UK-based multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, and producer created a compelling progressive single which carries elements of Neo-Classical, yet, in a cinematic style he brings his soundscape well truly into the contemporary.

Even with the lack of lyrics in Cycles you can feel the constant momentum being fed through the seamless shifts of the instrumentals treating you to a poignant hit of resonance. Circles switches between light trickling piano melodies and reverberantly unapologetic hits of the drum gives the track plenty of texture and depth. Each soft note leaves you in pure anticipation for the reassurance of the bassier tones. Quite honestly, it’s a rollercoaster of a single which will have you left trying to figure out how to find the rhythm of your own breathing again after it’s faded out.

If you get to the end of Cycles without the feeling that you’ve been captivated by the unrelenting rhythms and the urgency found within the single, then I have some slightly bad news – you may be a little bit dead inside.

You can check out Dom Robson-Tull’s second single Cycles for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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