Miki Montebello – Post-Op. ft Dallas James: If Neo-Classical Compositions & Urban Pop Didn’t Go Together Before, They Certainly Do Now

If music doesn’t make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, it’s not really worth listening to is it?

After checking out Miki Montebello’s latest single Post-Op from his album Blanco Tigre the rest of my playlists just seem mediocre now. Whilst I’m not the biggest Pop fan, when it’s mixed up with Old School Jazz and Hip Hop beats there’s no sweeter sound. As soon as the riffs, licks and frills of the piano, kicked in I felt the catharsis brought through the sweetly angelic cacophonous keying. In parts, it was hard to pay attention to Montebello’s vocal over the top of the Neo-Classical effect that Montebello somehow paired with an Urban Pop beat over the top. In vocals to Post-Op there’s a sweet rhythmic Jazz Pop crooning sensibility, yet, Montebello clearly doesn’t like to conform to genre boundaries when he’s producing music.

You can check out Miki Montebello’s latest single Post-Op ft. Dallas James on SoundCloud now along with the rest of his 14 track album Blanco Tigre.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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