It All Comes Back Around: Charleston rocker Chris Holly tells us to not be afraid on ‘Don’t’

After sharing the stage with all-time legends such as Pantera and Slayer back in the day when he was in the hardcore thrash metal scene, Chris Holly shows the world his growing mellowness on his new single that navigates us through the road of life on ‘Don’t‘.

Chris Holly is a Charleston, South Carolina-based indie-rock artist, producer, manager, and activist, who is a highly experienced musician that has found his niche as a solo musician after many years in various bands.

Featuring gritty vocals that have your eager veins pulsating with utmost excitement, we feel the full strength of Chris Holly showing us the way to a better way of thinking. There is much to like about a highly respected underground legend who has reinvented himself, as he coats our speakers with a quality track to play loud in our awaiting ears.

Don’t‘ from the Charleston, South Carolina-based indie-rock solo singer-songwriter and music producer Chris Holly, is a superbly-performed single that has you feeling in a buoyant mood. With so many gloomy people out there waiting for you to fail so that they can feel better about themselves, this is an uplifting message that urges you to carry on with your path, as long as it comes with genuine intentions.

This is an extremely motivating track that will have you reaching for your goals, no matter who tries to doubt you from succeeding.

Stream this new track on YouTube and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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