Micah Metje releases high energy track ‘Breakaway’

Micah Metje is a singer and songwriter whose music has a very multi-dimensional attitude. On one hand, his vocals are as appealing as the work of he best pop stars, but on the other hand, his music also has some rock energy and electro oomph that really adds something special to the mix. His studio single, Breakaway, has got an explosive concoction of EDM beats, chunky rhythm guitars and R&B-laced vocal hooks.

The work of this artist reminds me of performers such as Jason DeRulo, Frank Ocean or The Weeknd – there’s a lot of soulfulness in his voice, yet it is also energetic and dynamic, making for a truly unique balance. This song also stands out for its earnest personal lyrics. On Breakaway, Micah sings openly about living, loving and dreaming, while bringing so much energy to his audience.

I love how the chorus really opens up with stunning electric power chords and great rhythm sections. Combining rock and pop is not always as easy as it seems, but this talented young artist certainly got the mix just right.

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