Vogue Villains – The Arsonist & Gasolina: Psychobilly-Infused Alt Rock

From the first raucous notes of the latest single “The Arsonist & Gasolina” from Vogue Villains, I was hooked. Any fans of Mad Sin, the Meteors, or Tiger Army are sure to appreciate Vogue Villains’ frenetic hit just as much as we did.

The gasoline-soaked soundscape offers chugging thudding basslines alongside guitar riffs which soar just as high as the Punk vocals which laced the track with devious swagger. And I wouldn’t be doing The Arsonist & Gasolina any justice if I didn’t point out that it drips with sex appeal. Vogue Villains perceptibly offer everything you could ask for from a new up and coming Alt Rock artist. We can’t wait to hear what pours from their ingenuity next.

You can check out The Arsonist & Gasolina for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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