Mayo – Fathers Day ft Reese Curry: Emotively Raw Hip Hop

When’s the last time you heard a tear jerker of a Hip Hop track? The weight of the sentiment in up and coming Rap artist Mayo’s latest single Fathers Day ft Reese Curry will hit you like a tonne of bricks; which is something that you can rarely say about a Hip Hop single.

And that’s all without mentioning how seamless and plaintively arresting the multi-layered, intricately mastered beat behind Fathers Day is.

A father relentlessly endeavouring to do the best for their children is a story which is written deep into our social fabric, so it’s all too easy to find the resonance within Mayo’s latest single at the same time as finding enough space for Mayo on your playlists.

If you’re looking for a hit of emotively raw Hip Hop, you can check out Mayo’s latest single Fathers Day ft Reese Curry for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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