MAX – Lights Down Low ft. Gnash (Jasper Williams Remix): Rehashing the Past With Contemporary Flavour

Lights Down Low is a track that we’ve all grown to know and love since it’s 2016 release. However, Jasper Williams has reinvented the track with his brand-new remix, that makes this track even more harmonious and contemporary. Sure, only 2 years has passed since the first release of this song, but Jasper Williams makes it sound fresher than ever. The times are always changing, it’s a good job we have beat masters such as Jasper Williams to rehash tracks and breathe new life into them.

Astonishingly, Netherlands based music producer Jasper Williams has perfected his sound by the mere age of 19. His remixes have been two years in the making before they reached public ears, but I already can’t wait to hear what Jasper cooks up with his own beats.

Check out Jasper Williams’ remix on YouTube using the link below:

You can connect with Jasper on Instagram:

and stay up to date with all of Jaspers fresh hits on SoundCloud:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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