MAURITA – Baby, Please; A glossy indie-pop song

After their first two debut singles, the indie pop group still did it again; this time with ‘Baby Please’. The group obviously still has all the time in the world to make a name for themselves and they can achieve that feat pretty fast because the release of all their three musical songs have so far managed to find itself chilling at the good books of many music enthusiasts.

Fresh 5-piece indie outfit MAURITIA’s third single ‘Baby, Please’, a glossy indie-pop track featuring chiming guitars and a firmly rooted pop authority. Consisting of childhood friends Jonathan Yeo (drums), James Hughes (rhythm guitar), Sam Copsey (bass), Sean Blenkin (lead guitar) and Josh Hedges (vocals), the band formed in early 2017 and didn’t’ disappoint with their first two releases Skin and Tropical.

This track is a well cooked indie pop song. The sound vocals in the song are great throughout but it’s arguably the production which and the great instrumental beats that often gave the band an edge in this song.

It’s a lo-fi but yet an emotionally resonant song that revolves around acoustic guitar, drums and other layers of sounds like pads and synths. Some of the highlights of the tracks includes: the inventive beat that opened up the song to the listeners, the production and the distinctive sound which the music possess.

As I mentioned earlier, the production is top notch and this song clearly displays it. The band’s third release ‘Baby, Please’ is more of a synth heavy, guitar driven track written about the importance of being open and honest in a relationship.

Already having the opportunity to play alongside some well established bands such as Eliza and the Bear, Clean Cut Kid and Anteros the five-piece demand attention with their catchy tracks and energetic stage presence. The single features melodic riffs and a powerful and catchy vocal line, remaining with the listener long after the first listen.

Upcoming Live Dates

29th May – Hull – The Sesh (Headline Slot)

17th August – Sledmere –Tribfest (Headline Slot)


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