Mark Browning – Take Me to the Water: Soulfully Nostalgic Folk Blues

Out from Nowhere by Mark Browning

It’s been a while since a single quite literally gave me chills, yet Mark Browning’s Indie Folk Blues track “Take Me to the Water” from their latest album “Out from Nowhere” certainly succeeded. The soulfully nostalgic soundscape takes you right back to a time when Folk-Rock still had a visceral pull strong enough to draw you into the imagery of the lyrics. Yet, it is through the meandering instrumental progressions is where the deepest and richest expressions lie in the single.

Take Me to the Water is a track which is constantly evolving through stages of acoustic guitar-led melodies, glacial notes from the organ, along with quainter contributions from the violin and flute which all blend into the effortlessly mesmeric soundscape. If Nick Cave poured soul into his sound instead of macabre lyrical obscurity, I can’t help but feel it would share plenty of reminiscences with Take Me to the Water.

You can check out Mark Browning’s single Take Me to the Water for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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