MALICIOUS PATRICIUS – climbinsideureyes: Hypnotically Concordant Genre Defiance

The up and coming master of mesmeric melodies has made his return with a brand new EP featuring the hauntedly cathartic single “climbinsideureyes”.

With elements of Shoegaze, Indie, Psychedelic Rock and minimalist Electro the single unfolds as a dreamscape offering a generous serving of transcendence. While climbinsideureyes may borrow many elements from a smorgasbord of genres, it is an expressively endearing work of genre-defiance.

The reverb-laden mix of instrumentals bring the catharsis while the phantasmic vocals bleed into the soundscape, still allowing the poignant lyricism to sting you with the visceral amount of passion. With a sound you’d expect to hear on a David Lynch soundtrack the London-based artist could very well stand to be the prodigally concordant son of experimentalism.

You can check out climbinsideureyes along with the other tracks from MALICIOUS PATRICIUS’ 2019 EP for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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