Madzy – Aspirant: Experimental Just Got a New Epitome

Summing up Madzy’s latest single off the 2018 album ‘Protest Songs in the Key of Silence’ is like trying explain the entire philosophy of Immanuel Kant in a few choice words. It’s impossible. For the most part because I’ve never actually heard anything like it, but also for the fact that the single Aspirant could only be loosely defined as music. Instead, Aspirant translates through the soundwaves as a Lo Fi antagonistic experiment which has an ultimate goal of leaving the listener utterly complexed. Whilst I can give the instrumentals, lyrics, or vocals any critical acclaim, there’s no disputing that Aspirant, along with the other tracks from Madzy’s album are experimentally genius. It’s almost impossible to pick up on any other solid genre’s around the sound. There’s a faint hint of Trip Hop in there, around some Lo Fi Rock n Roll approach. I’ve tried putting Madzy in a box, it turned out to be somewhat of a futile endeavour.

You can check out Madzy’s latest track Aspirant alongside with the rest of their 2018 20-track album Protest Songs in the Key of Silence on Spotify, in fact, I insist you listen to it and discover the mind warping soundscapes for yourselves.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



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