Luke Biscan – Wish It Away: Experience the charismatic flair of a melancholy with this song.

Wish It Away by Luke Biscan on VEVO.

More like the aesthetic of a sonorous cyberpunk, this scintillating track by Luke Biscan will have you wonderstruck. You’ll experience multiple eargasm when you listen to this song. The voice is the first impression!

A regular on the touring and festival circuit in coastal Victoria, Luke’s incredible live energy and virtuoso guitar skills have built him a solid hometown fanbase. Wish It Away shows a more tender side to the songwriter, with the lyrics providing a backdrop and perfect introduction to his upcoming debut album.

Biscan gave us his all on this song. The acoustic intimacy that it’s felt on this track is awesome.  Luke Biscan has a knack for vocal melody, and  the tone and the intensity of his guitar sound made the song more appealing.

The album, Revivalist, covers experiences from his childhood, religion, faith, hope and belief. It’s set for release in late 2018.

Wish It Away is a perfect introduction to the album, as it gives the listener a take a new take on hope. His guitar drives the sound, Biscan takes his audience on the journey with him. Regularly performing in the town of Geelong, he opts to play in pubs, wanting to have a close relationship with his fans. Biscan leaves his heart on the stage and believes in interacting with his audience after shows.

You’ll probably be transformed from the kick-off to experience an outpour of pure reaction. Luke can mold any sentiment into totalizing torment without surrendering its sweetness.

This is a very cool jam that’s very hard to hate. It’ll really interest me to see what Luke’s Revivalist album will look like.


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