LorRichie Releases their Latest High-Fire Hip Hop Single “TMS”


Up and coming Rap artist LorRichie has revisited the golden Era of Hip Hop with his latest release TMS (Talk My Shit), allowing the single to unravel as a magnetic offering of soul, authority, and rhythm.

Instead of sterile trap beats, LorRichie has infused a Jazz-style gentle iridescence into the multi-layered mesmerism in TMS. Yet, LorRichie’s Rap verses offer a potent serving of relentlessly rhythmic passion.

LorRichie has allowed TMS to resonate with plenty of charisma which makes it all too easy to slip into the narrative behind TMS; which definitely isn’t something you find frequently with underground Rap artist. But with TMS LorRichie has proven that his sound definitely doesn’t belong on the underground.

You can check out LorRichie’s latest single TMS via Amazon and Apple music now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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