Jim Luke – That’s My Whisky on Your Breath: Guitar-Heavy Americana Country Blues Rock

If you’ve ever thought that Classic Americana Blues has always been missing a dizzying amount of guitar reverb then Jim Luke’s latest single That’s My Whisky on Your Breath may just need to become a prominent part of your playlists. Seriously, there’s no overstating how cataclysmically raucous the guitar progressions are, especially when they are matched with the tight crashing of the drum cymbals.

Instrumentally, the track which was released July 11th almost veers off into the Hard Rock arena, yet with his archetypally inviting vocal style Jim Luke keeps his latest single within the comfortable realms of Country Rock. With a lyrical styling which shares a reminiscence to bands such as the Dropkick Murphys you can be sure that That’s My Whisky on Your Breath will take you on a quaint yet compelling journey as you’re invited into the soundscape.

You can check out Jim Luke’s latest single That’s My Whisky on Your Breath by heading over to YouTube now. If you’re sold on Jim Luke’s sound, why not check out the rest of his album ‘Angel that Fell’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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