Lester, Nowhere – Whistle In The Wind (w/ Danny Watts)

There is a strange juxtaposition going on in Whistle in the Wind, a mercurial blend of 60’s infused keyboards, reminiscent of up-town, up-scale, mainstream jazz lounges and cutting edge,  scattergun hip-hop flow and poetic narrative. But the future of music is only ensured by artists trying something different and Lester, Nowhere is certainly thinking outside the box. In fact he is so outside the box, he can’t even see the box any more.

Yes, Hip-hop lies at its core and certainly in its lyrical delivery, but it is this strange blend of ambient electronica, jazzy tones, retro musak vibes, instrumental understatement and strange peripheral details which really set this apart. Imagine if hip-hop had been invented in a Parisian cocktail club in the mid sixties rather than on the tough streets of South Bronx a decade or so later, this is exactly what it would have sounded like.

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