Leisure Hour are here with fantastic indie-rock ‘The Do-Do Song’

Leisure Hour is a fan-favorite pop rock band from Muncie in Indiana. They return with their likable new track called ‘The Do-Do Song‘.

The band consists of Blake Blevins (Drums/Vox), Grace Dudas (Bass/Vox), and Isaiah Neal (Guitar/Synth/Vox). They all grew up in the same hometown of Hagerstown but didn’t ever know each other too well. Eventually their passions for music and art joined up and thus Leisure Hour was born. This is a band that want to be world famous but for now they are enjoying each step of the journey.

Taken off ‘Underground Youth‘, this is an energetic single with lots of passion and raw vocals. This is perfect to jam out with live at the local grungy music venue where the walls tell you the whole story. This is all about making sure you take that chance when it’s provided to you. This is a true message and the ‘The Do-Do Song‘ is one of the more memorable songs of the year due to it’s good vibes energy and supporting the underdog mentality.

Stream this new track here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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