Lee Clark Allen Delivers Neo-Soul Debut EP ‘Little Rock’

Fast rising RnB/Soul artist, Lee Clark Allen has shared his gorgeous debut EP ‘Little Rock’. The 6 track CD showcases how Allen is free from any genre shackles. It has an exciting mix of RnB, and Soul, songs that shine a light on the singer/songwriters’ vocal prowess whose music is a wonderful mix of old and new, and draws from various genres such as classic, and contemporary RnB styles, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Gospel and even Hip-Hop this is an EP that breaks down barriers and delivers an intoxicating sound all of its own.
Major standouts on the EP include the soul infused ‘I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie’ which has a gorgeous Jazz style production that lends itself to a classic, long missed sonic sound that will leave listeners wishing they were in a bar hearing this live. It has a dream like style that washes over you and allows you to drift into the world where the song is set. The stunning female vocals also elevate it to new levels.
‘Mud (Rise)’ is another exciting cut from the record which showcases another style and allows the vocals of Lee Clark Allen to really shine. His rich, earthy tone drives the track into new avenues while the deep, soul searching lyrics lays the artist’s soul bare and gives listeners a deep insight into the mind of a singer who makes you feel like you’re on this journey with him.
Overall ‘Little Rock’ is an EP that will make you hit replay many times without getting bored, it delivers a new, fresh genre-bending fusion style that has been missing from the music industry as of late.

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