Leak Leisure Will Leave You Hooked With YahYah

There are more than a handful of artists who have no trouble getting silly and making a fun track with witty lyrics and samples that make us laugh out loud. Leak Leisure knows how to maintain flow while sounding like he’s having an awesome time behind the mic. Mix this with production from BlackMayo and listeners are treated to a song that doesn’t need to take itself seriously to maintain top-notch quality. The song is called YahYah and from the first inserted Spongebob line, you’ll be hooked.

The beat is very crisp and the melody is ambient and colorful. This puts Leak Leisure in the perfect place to have lines layering over each other, calling and responding to his own lines. If the production wasn’t so well done, you would admire the effort and respect the intentions of having fun. But this is more than that. This is a song you can throw on for any feel good occasion without worrying about it being too lo-fi or unprofessional for certain contexts. It may not be something to brood to, but it can definitely be a song for less somber times. Times when, say, you want to question whether mayonnaise is an instrument.

-Paul Weyer

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