La Roboká – Misophonic: Theatrically Experimental Synth-Led EDM

La Roboká’s upcoming single “Misophonic” may be the juiciest hit of Pop insanity that we’ve been treated to this year. It’s theatrical, it’s polyphonic, it’s pure aural magnetism which I suppose you can come to expect when two artists from completely different musical persuasions come together to create an experimental work of alchemy.

A mix of classically styled female vocals and synth-led EDM was always never going to fall flat. And whilst La Roboká may never reach the top of the charts, anyone who appreciates ingeniously genre-defying music is sure to find plenty of reasons to fall in love with the charming single. It’s safe to say that Amanda Palmer would definitely approve of the charismatic vibe of the two Berlin-based artists who utilise their mother tongue to add even more mystery to their arrestive style. Maybe we’ll never fully understand La Roboká, but maybe that’s half the fun.

You can check out La Roboká’s latest single Misophonic for yourselves by heading over to YouTube in April 2019. In the mean time you can treat yourself to the first aural gem which they have released from the Maskalicious EP “Bipolar”.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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