Seide flows in with the real life story of ‘De-Seide’ on debut release

Seide flows in with the real life story of ‘De-Seide‘. This is a packed-full of quality lyrics and a sound that gets you grooving.

This is music all about addictions and breakups to partying and everyday struggles. The music from this young artist is so relatable and his flow is tidy, the words are so relevant and the style is fantastic.

Fort Pierce, United States is the home of this terrific new school rapper with a trap-feel to this new release. He speaks on real topics and for this, he must be applauded. To often, rappers in this genre speak about bling, girls, cars and drugs. Not this fine emcee. He is self-aware and makes music to help others with their problems.

De-Seide‘ from Seide is a new school emcee with a big heart and a vibrant soul. This is a debut release that speaks volumes for the potential talent of this rising artist. He has decided what style of music he wants to make and the scary thing is that he is just getting started.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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