Kxvg Releases Their Third Single “Let You Go”

Up and coming Hip Hop artist Kxvg has recently dropped their third single “Let You Go”. In doing so, they shared a dynamic Rap hit which won’t fail to leave you hooked on their fresh, energetic, and honest approach to the genre.

Let You Go perfectly alludes to the frustration which hits in a relationship or potential relationship when you’re forever questioning where you stand. Lines such as “I’d rather cut you off than lose your myself” may be simple, but they’re also relatable. You don’t have to look through smoke and mirrors to find the emotion in Let You Go, instead, Kxvg laid their soul bare.

It may only be a short and sweet hit, but Kxvg packs in plenty of fraught and visceral emotion which won’t fail to resonate. Anyone in a similar position is sure to find plenty of catharsis in Let You Go, while everyone else will appreciate the flawless grind which remains palpable throughout the masterfully polished track.

You can check the latest track from Kxvg by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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