Krunkelstiltskin – Anon: A Mind Mash of Genre-Defying Electronic Psychedelic Sound

The Legend of Sassafras (And Other Stories) by Krunkelstiltskin

Anon is the blindingly narrative new track from Krunkelstiltskin a Massachusetts, US based Prog Rock collective who know just how to orchestrate a tantalising mind warp of a track. As you’d expect from any Prog Rock band, their instrumentals are absolutely on point, the synergy that exudes from the deft hands of each instrumentalists creates an overwhelmingly ethereal edge to the bands sound whilst the vocals can only be described as utter perfection. The Psychedelic vocal style pertains all of the warmth and sonorous trappings as previously showcased by bands such as The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane & The Doors. Yet, with their futuristic penchant for a heavy Electronica sound, Krunkelstilskin bring Psychedelia into the new era through the dreamy Electronic complexity that’s riddled in the layers of the bands sound.

Anon was the first single released from the bands debut album ‘The Legend of Sassafras (and Other Stories) Which is also now available to download. Their genre defying sound isn’t one you want to miss out on. You can check out Anon along with the rest of their debut album via BandCamp now:

Connect with Krunkelstiltskin on Facebook:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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