Fall down the electronical neo-classical rabbit hole with Deci’s latest piece “Geometrica”

First, I’d like to thank Deci for making me feel like a musical philistine, secondly, I’d like to thank them for introducing me to an electronical music piece to which I’ll probably never hear the like of again. The piece was written for orchestra, yet that’s not to say those with little knowledge on the subject of orchestrating of classical music won’t find plenty of immersivity in the dark futuristic layers of sound. Geometrica combines sonic blasts of electronic effects with deftly placed orchestral instrumentals, both of them working in complete synergy in the instrumental mix to infuse ominous, disconcertment. The 3.5-hour piece takes you through a myriad of different soundscapes, yet the strikingly potent visceral piece will make you feel as though your heart is in your throat for the most part.

If you feel like falling down a three-hour aural rabbit hole of electronically mastered neo-classical, there is undoubtedly a no better option to hit play on Geometrica which you can do by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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