Kharmelo – Feels Like; This is definitely a “Stuck on repeat” kind of song.

Kharmelo, a Venezuelan DJ and Producer will have you rolling up your sleeves to get into the mix of that fun-filled atmosphere while moving your body to the beat of his new single. “Feels Like” is a groovy kind of jolly-good music that lines up the very best of life’s happy moments in its cosmic assemble.

Released on 21st March 2018 through the Swedish record label; Enormous Tunes who represent the likes of Croatia Squad and Nore En Pure.

“Feels Like” is a future house track to dance, drink and party to, described in one word by Kharmelo: “Resilience”. He elaborates, saying there is beauty in working past a hard or sad moment as it will only become proof of how strong one can be.

This song is the culmination of everything the artist has experienced and learnt about his professional work as a producer and a DJ, and most importantly it’s all about himself. “Feels like” is an unflinching smooth dance music with a little glimpse of pop-electronica that’s well-laid and uptight in delivery and sound. It is also a searing track whose beat whizz along at breakneck speed, although not too loud.

Kharmelo waste no time in making the song all-enthralling track by perfectly creaming the opener of the song with his amazing voice; the voice that can easily pass as what Avicci would use on any of his songs intro. It’s something of a soul-wrenching dance vibe.

The lyricism of the track is apt and pretty easy to sing along to, the super slick infusion of the instrumentals that produced this raging dance beat is definitely something that nobody would wanna miss in a bit.

This song is perfectly enshrined in the genre of that kind of Ready-To-Chill deep house dance music. The credit shouldn’t only be accorded to Kharmelo’s vocals alone – as much as he did put his work into such aspect. It’s the magical glue of the instruments and the beat that breathes life into the song to make it an electrifying high-energy package.

Kharmelo takes his inspiration from his fellow Enormous Tune colleagues EDX and Calippo as well as TRU Concept and JLV.

His previous release, Time, saw him chart on the Top 50 Future House Chart and earn him supporters in the form of Don Diablo and Madison Mars. “Feels Like” also is in same league with the artist’s highly appreciated musical works, it’s surely not one of the songs to miss right now. Be sure to check out the song and experience the feeling that comes along with the beat.

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