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Tate Tosto – Down: Melodiously Uplifting Deep House

London-based Deep House producer Tate Tosto has orchestrated yet another uplifting mix of melodiously immersive electronic rhythm with their latest release “Down”.

With Down, Phantasmic female vocals echo over the stylised beats which grip you through Tate Tosto’s rhythmic command. And even after four minutes of being enveloped in the invigoratingly progressive mix, there’s not one hint of repetition, each evolution in the soundscape serves to immerse you deeper in the polished euphoria.

I can only imagine how well it will go down on a dancefloor, but Down is a rare Deep House treat which offers aural catharsis whichever capacity you listen to it in. There’s no denying that it’s a danceable track, yet at the same time, it wouldn’t go amiss on your multipurpose playlists.

Down is due for official release on August 23rd, and you’ll be able to catch it for yourselves by clicking here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Johnny Turk – Islands in the Sky: The Ultimate Deep House Party Playlist Essential

Summer is on its way, naturally, this means we get treated to hyped sun-soaked offerings of Deep House from up and coming artists looking to make their way into the charts. Turkish-born, Seattle-based producer Johnny Turk is a great contender with his recently released viscerally vibrant mix packed with the paradise-vibes which are all too tempting to dip into come the summer months.

With his latest release “Islands in the Sky” he’s made sure that his roots are audible within the mix, using world music around the more archetypal beats which are the cornerstones of Deep House.

The female vocals and lyrics ensure that you’re left with plenty of imagery as the single unfolds. It may be a short and sweet hit, but there’s no denying that the producer has pulled it all together with an incredibly deft command.

You can check out Johnny Turk’s latest mix Islands in the Sky for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Felix Stenmark Gives Ke$ha’s “Die Young” the Deep House Treatment

Back in 2012, Ke$sha dropped one of the most iconic Pop hits of the decade with “Die Young”. While many people saw the track a flawless anthemic mix, Swedish producer Felix Stenmark saw room for potential. While the prelude may leave you under the impression that he contorted the soundscape to squeeze more ambience out of Die Young, when you get to the bridge Die Young evolves into an ingeniously clever Deep House mix.

The up and coming artist used the structure of the original to weave around layers of hard, bassy, house which switched between ominous and euphoric tonalities. While the original may have been a little too happy for existentialists to really appreciate the beat, you can certainly share in the nihilism with this mix.

You can check out Felix Stenmark’s unique reinvention of Die Young for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Blanka Barbara – Amaranthine Forest: Galactically Ambient Deep House

Amaranthine Forest is the upcoming release from the Ambient Deep House artist Blanka Barbara. Through her previous releases, it is apparent that she an artist who possesses a uniquely cinematic and naturally organic approach to creating her richly textured sound. Yet her latest composition demonstrates her ability to dig deep into nature to find her distinctive patterns and loops which somehow carry as much transience as they pulsate euphoria.

From samples of birdsong, to sounds so sonic they’d be right at home in the Dr Who soundtrack Amaranthine Forest has it all. And the synergy between the acoustic elements and electronic effect is something that you’re going to have to immerse yourself into to truly appreciate the mesmeric power of Amaranthine Forest.

You’ll have to wait a little longer for the release of Amaranthine Forest, but you can check out some of the up and coming artist’s earlier releases by heading over to her official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


PulpStereo – Doobop Mystery: Sonically Atmospheric Deep House

PulpStereo’s latest drop “Doobop Mystery” is enough to make a good proportion of other Deep House artists sound sterile. Under the aurally alchemic command of PulpStereo (AKA Torsten Krill) his beats uniquely defy the constraints around the genre to create a rich and organic soundscape. Those who appreciate progressive beats are going to want the German producer’s beats to be a firm fixture of their playlists, the 8-minute tack is momentous from the get-go, yet, hearing the beat evolve throughout the mix is nothing short of euphoric. The rhythm behind the track is a clear giveaway that PulpStereo is as deft with percussion as he is with production and the seamlessly smooth drops and build ups, are just two more reasons why Pulpstereo should be on your radar.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out PulpStereo’s latest drop Doobop Mystery for yourselves, but head over to SoundCloud to catch his earlier mixes and stay up to date with all the latest news from the artist by giving our new favourite up and coming Leftfield artist a follow on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Chilli Sauce Boy – Shibuya: Emotively-Charged Deep House

“Shibuya” is just one of the stunningly immersive singles to be released by the up and coming Deep House artist Chilli Sauce Boy. His latest EP “r(ain)”, is a testament to the diversity of his style, yet each track carries the same ability to leave you entranced. Whilst he may have chosen a questionable name to showcase his sound under the aural gems contained in his EP are anything but. Under his deft digital command, his cinematically sad, bass-driven progressions carry an almost haunted magnetism, yet, the glitchy, snappy beats provide plenty of momentum. So, if you’re looking for emotively-charged Deep House to add to your playlists, look no further than the lush, immersive rhythms found in r(ain).

You can check out the latest EP from Chilli Sauce Boy by heading over to SoundCloud now. For any Joy Division fans, I thoroughly recommend checking out the London-based artists take on Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Debauchee – Tier 1: Potently Euphoric Progressive Deep House

Thanks to accessibility of technology pretty much anyone can produce these days, and lord knows they try. Yet, very few artists are blessed with the ability to command rhythm, momentum and drive through their mixes. Debauchee’s latest Progressive Deep House mix “Tier 1”, proved that he was amongst the few with the ability to compose music which gives you very little choice whether that music resonates. Whilst it was clear that Tier 1 is made for the dancefloor, once you get bitten by the earworm I can guarantee you’ll want the mix to feature on your EDM playlists. The multi-layer instrumental mix created by the Helsinki-based artist packs in plenty of bass from start to finish around the harsh snares in the mix which is full of stylistic cuts and drops which would tear holes out of the dancefloor.

You can check out Debauchee’s single for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Keep up to date with his latest drops by following the artist via Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


DJ SILVERDARLING’s Organic Offering of Jazz Soaked Deep House

Even as an avid Deep House fan, it can hard to be find a mix that is truly distinguishable, organic, and just simply as jaw dropping as DJ SILVERLARLING’s latest mix YOU ARE JAZZ BAM RIGHT. His latest mix is an offering of globally-inspired high-vibe euphoria, you can expect thrashings of Jazz, Latin guitar, over crashing drum rolls, piercing keys and swathes of synthesised synergy.

Funk and Soul isn’t something you would normally associate with the genre, but DJ SILVERDARLING has taken care of that with his blinding instrumental arrangements to create one of the most vibrant tracks I’ve ever heard. The energy contained within the chaotic ensemble is almost surreal, it’s almost a futile endeavour attempting to dissect the sound.

So, if you like your beats as hot as acid rain you can check out DJ SILVERDARLINGS blissfully explosive Sick Mix of YOU ARE JAZZ BAM RIGHT over on SoundCloud.

Keep up to date with all of DJ SILVERDARLING’s latest stylishly creative endeavours by connecting with the globe-gallivanting wonder via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Betto Music – Gimmie Shelter Remix: Who Said Rock & Deep House Don’t Mix?

Who’d have thought that the 1969 cult hit Gimmie Shelter by the Rolling Stones could sound even better? Well, rather than the track sounding like a track that your Dad would play on a road trip, Music producer Betto Music has breathed an infinite amount of new life into the track. As much as I love the original, it’s been played to death and who doesn’t love a good Deep House Rock cross over? Rather than butchering timeless classics such as Gimme Shelter Betto preserves the original vibes of each old school beat that he tackles by bringing them into the modern Dance arena.

In the last year alone Betto Music has also created remixes by artists such as The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. I can’t wait to hear what tracks Betto Music gets his hands on next with his revivalist projects. You can check out Betto Music’s rejuvenation of one of the best Rock anthems of the 60’s with his Gimmie Shelter remix on SoundCloud keep up to date with his new releases by following Betto via Facebook I wonder if he’ll listen to my pleas and welcoming his new number one fan by reworking a Manic Street Preachers track for me?

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Kharmelo – Feels Like; This is definitely a “Stuck on repeat” kind of song.

Kharmelo, a Venezuelan DJ and Producer will have you rolling up your sleeves to get into the mix of that fun-filled atmosphere while moving your body to the beat of his new single. “Feels Like” is a groovy kind of jolly-good music that lines up the very best of life’s happy moments in its cosmic assemble.

Released on 21st March 2018 through the Swedish record label; Enormous Tunes who represent the likes of Croatia Squad and Nore En Pure.

“Feels Like” is a future house track to dance, drink and party to, described in one word by Kharmelo: “Resilience”. He elaborates, saying there is beauty in working past a hard or sad moment as it will only become proof of how strong one can be.

This song is the culmination of everything the artist has experienced and learnt about his professional work as a producer and a DJ, and most importantly it’s all about himself. “Feels like” is an unflinching smooth dance music with a little glimpse of pop-electronica that’s well-laid and uptight in delivery and sound. It is also a searing track whose beat whizz along at breakneck speed, although not too loud.

Kharmelo waste no time in making the song all-enthralling track by perfectly creaming the opener of the song with his amazing voice; the voice that can easily pass as what Avicci would use on any of his songs intro. It’s something of a soul-wrenching dance vibe.

The lyricism of the track is apt and pretty easy to sing along to, the super slick infusion of the instrumentals that produced this raging dance beat is definitely something that nobody would wanna miss in a bit.

This song is perfectly enshrined in the genre of that kind of Ready-To-Chill deep house dance music. The credit shouldn’t only be accorded to Kharmelo’s vocals alone – as much as he did put his work into such aspect. It’s the magical glue of the instruments and the beat that breathes life into the song to make it an electrifying high-energy package.

Kharmelo takes his inspiration from his fellow Enormous Tune colleagues EDX and Calippo as well as TRU Concept and JLV.

His previous release, Time, saw him chart on the Top 50 Future House Chart and earn him supporters in the form of Don Diablo and Madison Mars. “Feels Like” also is in same league with the artist’s highly appreciated musical works, it’s surely not one of the songs to miss right now. Be sure to check out the song and experience the feeling that comes along with the beat.

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