Kenny Olivers – All My Clothes Look Better on You: Quintessentially Sweet Guitar-Driven Pop Rock

All My Clothes Look Better on You is the latest new single from Kenny Olivers; a Rock musician that keeps his soundscape root deep in the nostalgic guitar-driven anthemic rock vibe. His quintessentially sweet approach to lyricism is just one of the elements which makes his music so captivating. There’s an exuberance of innocence riddled into the composition of his tracks from his latest album which is relatively Lo Fi, yet that just adds to the twee texture of his musical styling. Whilst the riffs may be simplistic in parts, as the track unfolds that almost comes as part of the charm as Olivers expresses his playful disdain at girls looking better than him in his clothes. On behalf of women everywhere, I would apologise, but, it’s really not our fault.

If you’re pretty miffed about your girlfriend aesthetically upstaging you in your clothes you can check out Kenny Olivers latest single All My Clothes Look Better on You from his 2018 album You Don’t Deserve it on Spotify now. You can expect a whole host of romantically melancholic tracks, which may or may not remind you of Nicky Wire’s solo album.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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