Remember The Name: Louisiana-based indie rapper P-Moneyy is ready for his time on nine-track album ‘Long Nights’

Bringing us his brand new nine-track album all about moving in a direction that guarantees those good vibrations and plenty of that much-deserved success, P-Moneyy shows us into his wild life with the sizzling release that might burst your speakers called ‘Long Nights‘.

P-Moneyy is a quickly ascending Pleasant Hill, Louisiana-based indie hip-hop artist. He makes that street-filled ambiance that has you feeling ready to line up your goals, so you can knock them down one by one.

I am fully independent, and I do this for the regular people who just want to feel something real when they listen to music.” ~ P-Moneyy

Particular highlights are the run-this-up anthem ‘Real Bout(feat. King Kash and T-Ravill), the smooth lets-get-it motivator ‘See Me Fall‘, and the statement-filled party-track ‘Addin Up‘.

His ravaging flow has you in the mood to let go of the previous bad energy aroma, and take your valuable mindset to a whole new level. There is so much hunger on display here – as he flows with that extra motivated venom – that grabs you attention with ease.

Long Nights‘ from the Pleasant Hill, Louisiana-based indie rapper P-Moneyy, keeps it super fresh the whole way through that should inspire us to get that win. With so many people dragging you down at times, this is the moving-different experience that we all needed to hear. With a confident rap delivery and punchlines that keep you hooked the whole way through, this is an album to play loud and with respect.

Remember the name that is P-Moneyy, as he is ready to climb up a few notches.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news on his rise up via FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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    Michael long
    5 August 2023 at 7:39 am

    P-moneyy that’s my son.hard working navy man of ten years and one hell of a daddy and the best son a father could ever won’t and I’ll back him up in anyway are anything he does in life and my grandson .I love ya and may you Excell to the moon peyton long

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