Keir Easterbrook – Vertigo: Infectiously Immersive Dark Pop

1975 fans might want to pay attention to Keir Easterbrook’s debut release “Vertigo”. The breaking EDM Pop artist has approached his sound with a darker sensibility than most. Against the upbeat melodicism is a palpably moody edge, the same moody edge that you would expect from bands such as Depeche Mode, until you hit the chorus that is where the influences from artists such as Daft Punk really come into play. Whilst the lyrics are kept fairly simple the lyrical soundbites contained within the chorus will ensure that Vertigo becomes your new Pop earworm. Considering that Vertigo is the first official release by the UK-based musician, the amount of maturity and command he already exudes within his style is beyond notable.

You can check out Keir Easterbrook’s latest single Vertigo for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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