Kaz – Fine: Pop Inspired Feel-Good Folk


Take all your expectations when it comes to Indie Acoustic Folk and throw them right out of the window, because Kaz’s latest acoustically driven masterpiece ‘Fine’ is like nothing you’d ever come to expect from the genre.

When an artist has the same harmonious tonality as the late and great Michael Jackson it’s hard not to imagine that they’ll go far. But what Kaz did with Fine, was create something conceptually beautiful. Fine may have been influenced by the King of Pop’s vocal style yet when he used it around rhythmically melodic acoustic Folk instrumentals he truly made the style his own.

There isn’t a flaw to be found within Kaz’s latest single, the vocalist, producer and audio engineer clearly had all bases covered when he set about making one of the most soul splintering tracks you’ve ever heard. The jangle Pop rhythms of the guitar lead the instrumentals through the mix which all weave together through perfect synergy. Then there’s the captivating lyrics which work to instil the feel-good vibes a little deeper with the repetition of ‘you’re fine’. I’m definitely now inclined to believe that I’m fine through Kaz’s aural reassurance.

You can check out Kaz’s music out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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