Katye Kellye and the Interruption – Suddenly Everything Changes: Charismatically Arrestive Rock

Finding an authentic Female voice in Rock can be difficult, there are the icons who set themselves apart with distinction and there are those which assimilate. The vocal dynamics on display in Katye Kellye and the Interruption’s latest single “Suddenly Everything Change” are most certainly the former.

Katye Kellye’s ability to cook up an infectious vocal melody becomes perceptible from the very first verse as she puts all of her charisma into the performance. The vocals perfectly gel with the unadulterated Rock arrangement which has been deftly orchestrated by her band to create an organic sound with plenty of cutting energy.

The fact that Katye Kellye waited 35 years to release her latest album is nothing short of criminal. Her unique energy is more than deserving of a spot on the airwaves. There are so few female artists willing to put their all into a performance with little regard whether it comes off perfumed and sultry. Which is just one of the reasons why Suddenly Everything Changes is so refreshing to listen to.

You can check out the new track by Katye Kellye and the Interruption for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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