Not Now Norman ‘Little Frankenstein’ – Part Groove, Part Grind, all alt-rock classic in the making.

If you could put the sound of determination, grit, not giving up, and just out-and-out gutsy rock kudos down on tape and release it, it’d sound something pretty close to Not Now Norman’s blend of raucous, sensual-and-slithery riffs, sassy in-your-face lyrics, and my-way-or-the-highway attitude.

Leaving college with a degree and a bunch of interviews, no-one would take a chance on vocalist Taylor Mitchell due to her disabilities; however, what no-one had banked on was Taylor’s incredible voice, which alternately sneers, snarls, growls, and screams across the 4’23” of new single ‘Little Frankenstein’. There’s elements of namesake Taylor Momson to Mitchell’s delivery, a large dose of Shirley Manson and Garbage, and a mix of Nymphs-era Inger Lorre and non-blonde Linda Perry alongside the Pretty Reckless and the Zeppelin, Blackhearts, and Foos-style classic rock grunt. Zander Brown brings in a touch of Velvet Revolver to the guitars, courtesy of some slick powerchord grinding and sleazing and a monumental wah-wah solo, and the rhythm section of Bodhi Turnbull and Lara Hindhaugh on drums and bass respectively smash out some totally locked in, ground-out bottom end.

An outstanding follow-up to their debut EP ‘The End Of The Day’ and last single ‘Little Cheryl’, ‘Little Frankenstein’ is an absolute belter of a modern alt-rock track, part groove, part crunch, all catchy-as-hell, and full of Taylor’s personal ‘succeed regardless’ lyrical storm. If lockdown hadn’t decimated live gigs for the last twelve months, Not Now Norman should – if there’s any justice in the world – have been storming stages across the UK with this; in the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with ‘Little Frankenstein’.

Check out ‘Little Frankenstein’ on Soundcloud; follow Not Now Norman on Facebook and Twitter.

Review by Alex Holmes

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