Kathleen Farless – Just Like That: A Potently Punchy Pop Rock Mash-Up

If you’re looking for an anthemically punchy Pop Rock single to liven up your playlists, look no further than Kathleen Farless’s latest single “Just Like That”. The contrast between the soulfully soaring vocals and the Indie Rock instrumentals isn’t something that you’ll stumble across every day. Yet, there’s still an instantly accessible appeal to the single which allowed Kathleen Farless stamp down her resounding signature style. The powerful guitar riffs which accompany the Jangle Pop progressions are one thing, then, there’s the addition of the scuzzy, friendly synths which add even more palpably euphoric energy to the single.

Just Like that is the 10th single to be released by the up and coming artist, whilst she poured all of her iridescently captivating vocal talent into her previous ballads, there was little to set her apart from the myriad of other Pop songstresses projecting their heart and soul into a microphone.

You can check out Kathleen Farless’s infectiously catchy latest single Just Like That by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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