Justin Ragland – Jamaican Me Crazy: Salaciously Up-Vibe R&B Hip Hop

Admittedly, the title to Jamaican Me Crazy is a little cheesy, yet, up and coming Hip Hop R&B artist’s latest single is anything but. The R&B beat to Jamaican Me Crazy is kept fairly simple for an instantly accessible rhythmic feel. But what will really grip you with Justin Ragland’s latest up-vibe single is his approach to seamlessly mixing Hip Hop with R&B and Reggae. Whilst there may be many artists who blend elements of the genres, the Kennesaw, US-based artist uses the authoritative attitude of a Hip Hop artist combined with the romanticist tendencies which you’d expect from an R&B Soul artist. The result? A salaciously sweet infusion of fresh urban soul.

You can check out Justin Ragland’s latest single Jamaican Me Crazy along with his previous singles by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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