John Miike – Price of Love: Pensively Penned Cathartic Trap

Only a true romantically inclined nihilist would question the price of love with his latest single. Thankfully that’s exactly what John Miike did with one of the tracks off his 2018 album. I’ve always been under the firm impression that there’s not enough melancholy within the Hip Hop genre. Thankfully, we have artists like John Miike laying down resoundingly cathartic Trip Hop beats which he allows to progress through stylised switched up momentum.

Miike’s lyricism almost runs like spoken word poetry as he provides an infinite amount of elasticity in the rhyming patterns that leave you enthralled within the pensive sentimentality of the track, however the complimentary Trap style beat trickles away under the snares in the infinite amount of layers of the track which translate to one of the most transcendental Hip Hop tracks I’ve checked out this year. Miike has done more than just assimilate the same sounds as Jay Z, J.Cole & Kendrick Lamar with his lyrical licks; his latest single Price of Love is as fresh as it gets.

You can check out John Miike’s latest Hip Hop Rap track Price of Love from his 2018 album The Blue Project on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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