Joey Burbs – Bright One: Magnetically Vibrant Indie Pop

“Bright One” is the second single to be released from up and coming Indie Pop artist Joey Blurb’s self-titled album. From start to finish of the charismatically soulful single you’re treated to unadulterated vibrant rhythms and a potent enough infusion of good vibes.

There really is no wondering how Joey Burbs has amassed such hype around his latest release which dropped in March 2019. With this Indie Pop style also exuding the smooth magnetism of any self-respecting R&B release, Bright One is sitting right on the contemporary curve. While the production could have been a little crisper, there’s still plenty of reasons to place the Chicago, US-based artist on your radar. The contagion around his honest, raw, and uplifting approach to song writing is already infectious

You can check out Joey Burb’s latest single Bright One for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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