Faith No More Fans Might Want to Pay Attention to NevilleSounds Debut Single “Ending Scene”

London-based multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter NevilleSounds (Aaron Kieran Neville) has made their solo debut with their single “Ending Scene”. I can quite safely say that any fans of Mike Patton are going to want to hear it.

In parts, Ending Scene is reminiscent of Patton’s unfalteringly smooth crooning style which you’ll hear in the more sedate Faith No More tracks such as Evidence, Ashes to Ashes, and Easy. Yet, the single also throws in plenty of indulgently captivating Pop hooks, giving Ending Scene a massive amount of contemporary appeal – but it’s not without its melancholy.

It’s all but impossible not to make a visceral intrinsic connection with Ending Scene. So frequently moody Alt Pop is totally void of any soul – you may as well stand at a bus stop and listen to someone have a bit of a rant, thankfully, Ending Scene lies on the other end of the spectrum. With the light, vibrant and shimmering Pop elements sitting against the smooth and sonorous Rock, and the Motown soul tones, it’s enough to make your own soul feel exposed.

Ending Scene was inspired by the empathy and compassion found in trying to understand a friend’s terminal diagnosis with cancer. But Ending Scene encompasses a whole manner of other tribulations including our own personal apocalypses and the mental thrashing we take knowing our planet is on fire. Essentially the single serves as a roadmap through the artist’s journey through compassion and death – and it hits hard.

Ending Scene was released on November 1st, and you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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