Joe Adhemar releases his new alt rock effort Space Between Spaces

Impressive how alternative rock can develop into new wave and still maintain a taste of industrial music! Let yourself be impressed with Space Between Spaces, the opening track of Joe Adhemar’s homonymous album.

The delayed vocals in the first verse reminded me of what the RHCP did in One Hot Minute (remember ‘Warped’?) even though not as swinging, before floating onto a gentle synth melody that opens up to a beautiful alternation of compressed fuzz guitars and cleaner ones.

It’s the kind of trick Depeche Mode would probably play. Or if they wouldn’t, Joe Adhemar will with valuable originality.

The harmonic soundscape lays the perfect foundation for the melody playing with slightly dissonant notes that confer even more peculiarity to an already distinctive style.

Don’t wait too long to jump on Spotify and enjoy Space Between Spaces.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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