The REVELATION – ALREADY INSANE: Ominously Enigmatic Hip Hop

Hip Hop Rap artist the REVELATION has recently dropped the first track off their upcoming album “UNPLANNED DESTINY TAPE”. With the single “ALREADY INSANE” you get a taste of the commanding energy which the South African artist pours into his soundscapes; not just through the Rap bars, but also through the ominous tonality of his Hip Hop beats.

While I can always appreciate relentlessly versed Rap vocals, the fast pace of ALREADY INSANE made it a little hard to keep up with the lyrical narrative which slightly affected the resonance of the track. Having said that, if you sit back and appreciate the smooth aural treat which the up and coming Hip Hop artist has cooked up, there are plenty of reasons to fall enamoured by the ingenuity and distinction of the artist’s style.

You can check out the REVELATION’s latest single ALREADY INSANE for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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